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Global Traders Awards Honors OZ Founder

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Ottawa, Canada - April 25, 2005

OZ Optics’ president and CEO, Omur Sezerman, has been awarded the top prize in the leadership category for Eastern Ontario at the 7th annual Global Traders Awards ceremony in Cornwall on April 21st. Zahide Sezerman accepted the award on behalf of her husband, who was working abroad at the time.

The award was given by Parliamentary Assistant Richard Patten, who made the presentation on behalf of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Joseph Cordiano. Mr. Patten praised the hard work of the province’s exporters, who bring innovative products and services to the rest of the world.

The Global Traders awards recognize small and medium sized exporters, business leaders, and students, whose drive and innovation benefit the local export markets, which account for nearly 45% of Ontario’s GDP, and up to 1 million jobs. The leadership category acknowledges individuals who have contributed to the expansion of Ontarian exports. This requires a commitment to developing export markets through involvement with industry and trade related organizations, networks, and educational institutions.

The Global Traders Awards are organized by Ontario Exports Inc., which is the export development agency for the Government of Ontario.

About OZ Optics Limited

Founded in 1985, OZ Optics Limited designs, manufactures and markets fiber optic components for existing and next-generation optical networks and systems based on proprietary technology, trade secrets and patents. OZ Optics’ products enable customers to develop optical networking systems that transmit data reliably at increasing data rates. OZ Optics also designs and manufactures handheld test and measurement equipment for the fiber optic market. The Company’s state-of-the-art design capabilities enable OZ Optics to rapidly deliver a broad range of high-quality products to meet customer specifications and requirements. OZ Optics has received ISO 9001:2015 certification. For more information about OZ Optics Limited and the products, visit

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